Courses (day and weekends) will start, October 2011 in Hongqiao, Puxi and Pudong. Each course contains 6 sessions of appr. 2,5 hours, with 6-12 participants. You need a SLR- or compact camera with priority mode (A/T/Manual). Price: RMB 1,400 (day), RMB 1,800 (weekends)

Purpose of the courses: getting acquainted with photography; to learn what you can do with the camera, to look and to make nicer, more interesting pictures according to your own taste and preferences.

Method: theory & practice with assignments and photography on location. Every lesson your pictures will be discussed.

  • Basic Course: no knowledge required
  • Intermediate Course: basic knowledge of aperture and shutter speed
  • Advanced Course: good knowledge of aperture & shutter speed
  • Private lessons for 1-3 participants are also available if you want a more 'tailor made' approach.

If you are interested in attending this course and want to see the SCHEDULE or have any question, then please contact me in the following ways: mobile 13 918457033 or send an email: